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My name is Raul Urrutia…. a Latin Entrepreneur based in Beautiful Vancouver, BC

I am the creator of Raul “The Relentless Show”, a TV Show online where I share my passion for fervent people through informal, in-depth interviews with the leaders and entrepreneurs of every facet that shapes our everyday lives.

My team and I are the creative geniuses behind Raul “The Relentless Show” a new online TV Show that underscores the importance of relentless persistence in achieving professional and personal goals.

With its intimate one-on-one interview format, Raul “The Relentless Show” is a channel for the stories that have never been told anywhere else. Raul “The Relentless Show” brings together carefully selected experts, bestselling authors and celebrities.

My guests will also share Entrepreneurial Trends, Practical Sales and Marketing Strategies and the best tips and blueprints you can APPLY IMMEDIATELY to FAST TRACK your Results.

The show, aimed primarily at immigrants, is based on my experiences as an immigrant and as an entrepreneur and my interviews with Vancouver-area professionals inducing my guests to share their personalities and their professional and personal paths in a comprehensive and compelling way for the very first time.

Why Immigrants?

I have learned first-hand about the challenges that immigrants face in adapting to a new culture, trying to learn how the system works and making the necessary connections for professional success and personal fulfillment.

Immigrating to another country requires speaking a foreign language, dealing with a different political and financial system, adapting to a new climate, trying new foods, and (in many cases) even struggling against

Placisism…..what is Placisism?

According to Chris Gardner Placisism is the situation where nobody wants to do business with you because nobody knows you, in many cases, no education, no connections, no friends, no collateral, no references, no proper language…who in the world wants to do business with you…is not racial discrimination is JUST Placisism!

Who is Chris Gardner? The Real Man of The Pursuit of Happyness

I know…. all these challenges can be overwhelming, creating feelings of culture shock and homesickness while making it almost impossible to rent or buy a home, or find a rewarding job.

Now I have decided to focus the next phase of my career on helping other immigrants improve their lives and those of their loved ones by learning how to navigate all the challenges and obstacles that get between them and their dreams.

My purpose is clear: to educate and prepare other individuals who are having similar experiences, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve success, however they may define it.

For me, Relentless is the culmination of my many experiences….

Become Relentless with me at Raul “The Relentless Show”

Hasta la Vista Amigos!!

Live, Laugh, Love, and Leave a Legacy!

Raul Urrutia

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