It is backwards, You don’t have to achieve Significance you Receive it!

Posted by admin on Dec 28, 2010

It is backwards!

You don’t have to achieve significance you receive it!

There is a huge need to feel significant; this is a real human need. The fastest way to fulfill this important need is to open your heart and receive the following undeniable truths.

– You are special
– You are extraordinary
– You are unique
– You are exceptional
– You are brilliant
– You are fantastic
– You are awesome
– You are remarkable
– You are wonderful
– You are amazing
You are loved

Sometimes we try so hard to achieve significance and unconsciously we star seeking for approval from everybody then we ask people to perform in certain way; we will be SOOOOO disappointed because people are not fulfilling our needs and even worst you will be hurting people.

If we try and fight to achieve significance instead of receiving it, you will be hurting yourself and many people around you who really loves you for Who You Are.

As I mention before, it is backwards… we receive it!

Personal significance can never be achieved it is only received it!

What we should do?

I mentioned 11 characteristics but the most important is the last one… You must know that you are loved, no matter the circumstances you are facing; you need to be humble enough to receive this amazing gift. We need to go to the source of Love “God” as soon as you receive the love of God then you will start experiencing an outstanding feeling of meaning for life. You won’t contain yourself with this amazing feeling of significance.

Be Relentless and know that You Are Significant!

From now on …. learn how to add value to other people’s lives!
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